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Episode #12 The Lovely Corrine :)

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Community Announcement: No marriages were destroyed in the making of this recording.

This episode we talk with “The Lovely Corrine” a Sex Worker / Escort who uses and promotes bitcoin to her clients. Corrine takes us into her world and talks freely about a number of aspects of her industry, social, legal, and of course, commercial. We learn about how Corrine is educating her clients in the use of bitcoin to enable private, safe transactions. We also touch on the astounding case where the major credit card companies have withdrawn their merchant services from the classified advertising publication, BackPage, which is where many sex workers publicise their services. Thank you financial establishment, for creating yet another opportunity for crypto currencies!

Oh, and for all those wondering, yes, Corrine IS lovely and she’s also smart, tech-savvy, a strong advocate for privacy, and an all-round damn nice person.

CORRECTION: In this episode, we incorrectly report than the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull purchased shares in BitcoinGroup at a public event. This is incorrect, Mr Turnbull demonstrated a mobile application for purchasing shares and used Bitcoin Group for demonstration purposes only.

Hosts: Dale Dickens, Peter Robertson, Warwick Greville

A big thanks to Leo Treasure for editing and adding the music for the show.

00:00 The recent headlines

3:03 We talk with
The different services and rates Corrine provides
10:45 Are her colleagues in the biz using bitcoin?
11:35 her blog article about using Bitcoin for her clients…or-clients/

12:03 All about advertising as an Escort and the weird legalities
Tom Dart – anti-sex working sheriff who helped shut down the Visa MC support…iff_bio.html

18:00 Vegas ? Mostly Illegal in the USA, and legal in all states in Australia,_Nevada
Getting around the laws and loopholes
20:30 paypal and sex workers don’t get along
21:15 some bitcoin wallets and don’t allow sex workers to use them.

22:18 new business name for private appointments and private money exchange for sex workers and or
screening different by each sex worker and each country
Corrine Twitter
getting paid – no merchant account
high risk are 10% to 14%
costs involved in taking money

29:50 privacy
new meta data laws in Australia started OCT 1st 2015
31:36 Craig Thompson affair…_expenses_affair
burner phones
travelling overseas – information database – governments talk to one another

43:07 Ashley Madison – what could they have done to protect their clients?
47:02 Corrine and Decentralized services
48:25 Women vs. Girls

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The state of Bitcoin

Pantelis Roussakis joins Peter and Warwick to discuss the state of bitcoin, as Peter says “it is whatever you use it for”.

All views are our own.

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The Great Bitcoin Blockchain Blocksize debate

Tom Kearney from Coinbase joined us for this episode, he was working in Australia for 4 months and has since left. None of us are really technically minded as far as the actual tech of Bitcoin is concerned, this is our attempt at discussing a subject that really had to be addressed.

After NewYork’s attempt at BitLicencing businesses, key Bitcoin ambassadors met with the Canadian Senate and they announced exciting news about crypto currency in Canada. Banks are starting to get involved, one of them announced they’d be accepting bitcoin for charities, media sites are also seeing the potential of micro payments, this week Joystream was introduced as a network to accept payments for media clips.

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Aussie banks embrace Ripple

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In this episode we share a little more about ourselves and Melbourne’s Bitcoin Technology Center.

Maidsafe – any questions speak to Peter.
Overstock and a decentralised stock market
OpenBazaar received funding
Taiwan 10,000 atms
crypto currency in games
and Ripple

Maidsafe reference

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WeChat with Katherine Noall

Katherine is currrently doing a phD at RMIT on international payment systems. She discovered (“became obsessed with”) Bitcoin when she was working on a startup and needed to find a payment network. We talk about changes in technology, from centralised to decentralised systems and how Katherine helped companies implement those changes. Keeping skills up to date is one of the biggest challenges, she recommends people keep learning… especially in areas they’re passionate about.

RMIT introduced Bitcoin as part of their merging technologies course, students picked it up quickly without any background in crypto. One of the most challenging aspects for students was comprehending how a decentralised system works, they came up with some great ideas though. Imagine Melbourne running Myki from the blockchain… OH PLEASE.

We also talk a little about blockchain technology in government, and how the change is going to be implemented… we decided from the ground up. It’s not about reform, it’s about understanding how things are different.

We weren’t quite sure what to call ourselves at this stage, WeChat was one we tried out, and quickly dropped.

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The Week In Bitcoin with AlanTsen

Alan is a core member of Melbourne’s Bitcoin community, he organises monthly meetups at both the center and when they get too big at other venues around Melbourne. His background in law and finance quite naturally flourishes with this technology, he keeps us well informed with what’s going on in Bitcoin’s regulatory framework.

In this episode we talk about Ripple being fined by FinCen for money laundering, which is the first case of its kind for cryptocurrency. Peter wonders if it’s an attack – and Dale leads the conversation into OpenBazaar. How are decentralised networks going to be regulated?


Listen in here

One of the best parts of this podcast is that we learned a lesson in sitting close to the microphones!

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Chris Seatory, BitSim’s lead developer joined us for the first episode to discuss the technology he’s been working on for a smartphone wallet on a simcard. Although this conversation gets quite technical, in reality it’s quite simple… a paperthin sim that sits on top of normal cards.



Melbourne's Bitcoin Technology Center is growing rapidly, the space is changing, walls are being painted, the event space is hosting a wide range of workshops and meetups... and people are asking if they can use the podcast room to start their own podcast.


Beginning May 2016 the studio will be available for anybody keen to get on the mic and chat about anything they're passionate for.

Peter's fitting out the studio, Dale's assisting people with curation, and the bookings are already starting to roll in.

Stay tuned :)