Ep #23 Gambling for grownUPs.

Warwick, Peter and Dale do their due diligence and get down and dirty with the scams rocking Australia's media this week.

iGot got their name (deservedly) smeared by ABC, Australia's national broadcaster affectionately known as Aunty. Of course the message got messed up and some people were left thinking that there is indeed somebody who "runs bitcoin". Mainstream just don't get it, so Cryptogoss set them straight! Well, as straight
as we could with another acronym wielding usurper claiming to represent the industry and lead bitcoin down Australia's regulatory path. Who is ADCCA anyway??

There are rumours that Craig Wright is proving himself true to his
surname with yet another lead that he *could* be outing himself as Satoshi in London. Gavin and Co have stringent tests for him to pass, will he pass the test, and what will it mean for Bitcoin?

This episode boils down to many people are making up stories and running with headlines. Information is a gamble - who can you trust anymore in this proof-less world? Oh, and we touch on those panama papers too... they could be the hack of the year 🙂

Ep #22 The Banks (well one bank anyway) finally get what bitcoin is :)

Peter and Dale introduce Scott Philips aka Dr. Splot in this episode to give you more of an idea of who he is and why he's another important asset in MBTC's space.

Julian Smith also joins us with BitPay's adaptive solution to the block debate. He provides evidence for why he thinks this approach makes sense - we're leaving it for you to do your homework and decide for yourself.

Our headlines cover some very basics, RichardBranson has declared Bitcoin is working... and Blythe the Masters of our wonderful GFC has also added her 2c into this equation so we thought we better make mention of these 'facts'. We are way more excited that one of Australia's Big4 banks has come to their senses and written a decent article on why Bitcoin IS important.

There is a hack of the week this time round, we discuss why crooks socially engineering corruption are giving Bitcoin a bad reputation.


Ep #21 Bitcoin in Europe

Katherine Noall (mbtc’s favourite RMIT University lecturer) dropped into the studio to catch Peter, Dale and Warwick up on her European bitcoin blockchain tour. A rich conversation with many questions, we talked about why bitcoin vending machines (BTMs) are disappearing, and touched on some of the projects taking their place. It sounds like letting go of the machines has allowed for some ingenuity to shine through.

Stepping into negative interest rates is a first for the world and we discussed some of the implications and why major corporations would still trust banks with holding their hard earned untransparent digital cash.

Is that glee you hear when she shares her disappointment with London’s blockchain conference? Listen in and decide for yourself 🙂

We touched on a few major headlines to conclude this episode, and agreed that the safenetwork, openbazaar and augur are humming along quite nicely with their new releases.

Ep #20 Safenetwork Enters Public Testing Phase. Yeah!

The Safenetwork is up for testing and Peter’s clearly excited he was given the chance to add cryptogoss to their network. We talked about the implications of working from an encrypted decentralised network, one that gives us the choice to keep matters private, how does a platform that provides security affect how we relate to each other?

Peter uncovered an encrypted coin in a mailbox leaflet and reads out claims that lead him to think it’s a scam - ‘insert claims here’ watch for an s coin in your letterbox.

We discussed some of the events happening at Melbourne’s Bitcoin Technology center, it’s buzzing with activity 🙂

Ethereum workshop 10 March 7pm
Talk and Trade each Wednesday night from 6.30pm - a casual conversation over a glass of wine.
RMIT students joining us from Wednesday 2 March - there will be regular updates on their progress and we’ll interview them at the end of their semester.

Ep #19 Will social evolution push crypto into people’s thinking?

Dale and Peter alone in the studio discuss headlines, starting with ACCC's decision regarding banks colluding with #Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Association of Australia knows a new strategy is needed. Dale thinks Australia's VoteFlux is that strategy, she thinks politicians are going to get with this program one way or another, it might have to be that our voting system is the way. (She also gave incorrect information on VFlux they're working from the Bitcoin blockchain with Ethereum as a backup.)

Peter is not quite sure about uproov, even though he now knows how to pronounce it, the patent pending message is a little disconcerting - what is a patent troll anyway?

Episode #18 – Bitcoin in schools with Kieran Nolan

Kieran Nolan from Wooranna Park Primary School dropped in to the bitcoin center today to chat with us about some of the many projects his school is involved in. He focuses on fun ways to include students in relevant technologies like cryptocurrencies, his school has a spaceship, and the students are involved in global minecraft projects.

Together with Paul Ayling we chatted about potential uses for the blockchain in education and the difference it's already making in Australia's education system.

Episode #17 – Bitcoin’s Openly Bazaar #Hearnia

WARNING: This episode has a sprinkling of strong language.

So, how about that Mike Hearn eh? One big dummy spit* took almost USD$100 off the bitcoin price and generated an incredible amount of discussion. Mike earned his place at number 89 on 99bitcoins.com/bitcoinobituaries/. The site, that records the most significant announcements of bitcoin's death, now currently stands at 93 obituaries. Mike's farewell to the bitcoin community can be found here.

Dale had an experience with Open Bazaar's new addition to the bitcoin market Bazaar Bay. Passions ran high. Words were said. And then more words. But, in the end, there's nothing a hug from the Lovely Corrine couldn't fix:)

Episode #16 – #Bitnation, blockchain not borders

Trent McDonald Is a Melbourne ambassador for BitNation, a blockchain style governance system that quickly came to the refugee crisis with a solution for ID’s. He dropped in to chat with us about evolutionary economics, holacracy, polycentricity and whether or not Australian economics is an oxymoron (we think so).

BitNation is a virtual platform that enables people to notarise documents, Trent even notarised his thesis into the blockchain, we talked about the impact that would have on the office lady “don’t just give her the boot, give her an upgrade” argued Dale.

Estonia is used as an example for e-governance, this small sparsely populated country is leading the way with virtual governance, we chatted about merging jurisdictions and virtual worlds entering traditional governance.

“Distributed currencies will bring distributed governance systems. The end of geographically isolated nation states will follow.” RogerVer Twitter 2Jan2016

Episode #15 – We Are Satoshi

Well, we did ask in episode 13 what would happen if #Satoshi 'came out', today we got our answer. Wired magazine published an article proposing that Australian security expert #CraigStevenWright was #SatoshiNakamoto. Within two hours of the article being published Craig's home was raided by the Australian TaxOffice - so much for Turnbull's declaration of Australia being open to innovation.

One thing is certain, Bitcoin brings events into real time for all the world to see.

People thinking about privacy might be interested in the second part of this episode, we chat to Robin and Andrew of the pixelated project about online privacy. Melbourne is humming on all matters online privacy - a subject that's totally relevant in today's world, Robin and Andrew from the pixelated-project they share why and how people are learning about encryption.

Episode #14 – Bitcoin Island

Dale and Peter cover the headlines - and come to the conclusion they don't know the major difference between Coinbase's new card and Coin Jar's old(er) card. IPFS comes into the conversation as well, Peter explains what it is and how it works, then they discuss their thoughts on a panel of Bitcoin royalty in Vegas. Is Szabo Satoshi, and what difference would it make if Satoshi 'came out?' A large chunk of this interview features Paul Ayling in Bali chatting to Gary Dykstra about Hubud and how to pronounce it on Bitcoin Island. Wait, no, Bali isn't Bitcoin Island, that's a project Gary's involved in on Bali. Listen in to make sense of it all.

Episode #13 The Patent Trolls

Warwick, Peter and our foreign correspondent Leo in Taiwan talk about why Paypal was banned in Taiwan and the media's spin on legality of Bitcoin there. Even though they don't sound so happy about Ebay and Paypal's patents for cryptocurrency, they're kind of happy to speak about reputation systems being created on blockchain technology. "Ebay could become completely irrelevant when OpenBazaar starts" bold claim from Leo.

In the second half Dale interviews Nicholas, TJ, Steve and ParthDave who just completed a semester at Melbourne's Bitcoin Technology Center. They were totally green when they started, had minimal knowledge of cryptocurrencies and learned a lot about privacy. Hear what they have to say about their experience.

Thanks to Figurehead for your music... find him on propellerheads/se


Episode #12 The Lovely Corrine :)

Community Announcement: No marriages were destroyed in the making of this recording.

This episode we talk with "The Lovely Corrine" a Sex Worker / Escort who uses and promotes bitcoin to her clients. Corrine takes us into her world and talks freely about a number of aspects of her industry, social, legal, and of course, commercial. We learn about how Corrine is educating her clients in the use of bitcoin to enable private, safe transactions. We also touch on the astounding case where the major credit card companies have withdrawn their merchant services from the classified advertising publication, BackPage, which is where many sex workers publicise their services. Thank you financial establishment, for creating yet another opportunity for crypto currencies!

Oh, and for all those wondering, yes, Corrine IS lovely and she’s also smart, tech-savvy, a strong advocate for privacy, and an all-round damn nice person.

CORRECTION: In this episode, we incorrectly report than the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull purchased shares in BitcoinGroup at a public event. This is incorrect, Mr Turnbull demonstrated a mobile application for purchasing shares and used Bitcoin Group for demonstration purposes only.

Hosts: Dale Dickins, Peter Robertson, Warwick Greville


Episode #11: The banks quite like bitcoin, but they don’t want you using it. Poor form!

First up this episode, Leo Treasure our Taiwan Correspondent interviews Alex Liu from MaiCoin (pronounced the same as my coin), a premier digital currency exchange and investment platform in Greater China.

We apologize for some audio drops during the guest interview spot, this was our first attempt at remote interviews using Google Hangouts and clearly needs some refinement.

Our guests this week are Adam Poulton (Launceston, TAS) and Lucas Cullen (Brisbane, QLD) from Australia's Bitcoin Association.


Episode #10 – Are you feeling safe and secure? Really? Why?

We go wide and deep this episode, with a strong focus on security and its lack in our world, we touch again on the blockchain scaleability issues, and we... well, of course we gossip! Come and join us!

Episode #10 – Are you feeling safe and secure? Really? Why?

We go wide and deep this episode, with a strong focus on security and its lack in our world, we touch again on the blockchain scaleability issues, and we... well, of course we gossip! Come and join us!

Episode #9 – Why to we need crypto & decentralization? Ashley Madison, that’s why!

This week we cover the Bit Film crowd sourcing project that may may Max Keiser a star of the screen, we chill while we hear how cannabis startups need bitcoin (yes, you heard right, there are cannabis startups!), we take far too much pleasure from the Ashley Madison hacks,

learn new and novel ways that decentralized networks can be used to underpin democracy and help people hook up, we DON'T interview Roger Ver, we report on our joint Safe Network and podcasting projects with RMIT and much other great stuff.

Episode #8 – CryptoGoss: The Phatic Edition

This week we look at how crypto currencies in Australia have faced with a very severe challenge in the face of our Taxation Office's interpretation of existing laws in issuing their advisory on how businesses and individuals should approach GST. By declaring that crypto currencies are not actually currencies for taxation purposes, but rather members of the asset class, the opportunity for double GST to be paid was created.

This even lead to significant business in Australia moving their headquarters off short. Recently a senate committee came back with a list of recommendations that, if implemented, promise to fix this problem. On the topic of rolling back democracy and the bad guys winning (again), we discuss recent additions to the Defence Trade Control Act and how our masters in Canberra have put yet another burden on the shoulders of education, business, entrepreneurship, and the economy in general by making our defence community the peak regulator of all technologies that, in the fevered imagination of some bureaucrat, could conceivably be used as a weapon by terrorists. I for one have dropped my shares in that rubber band factory quick smart.

Aside from that, we talk about Satoshi's hoard, Greece, Brave New Coin and finally we dabble ineptly in a bit of string theory.

Your hosts were Warwick Greville and Peter Robertson. This week's guests were Paul Ayling and Pantelis Roussakis

Our post production engineer was Leo Treasure ably assisted by Warwick Greville.

Episode #7 – Safety and Security

An Aussie pub is raising money through a crowdfunding exercise to rebuild after a fire damaged the building and left the local population with nowhere to drink. It's great to see this new approach to fund raising is being put to socially important work at last.

A main theme this week which the discerning among you will have deduced from the title is safety and security.

We also talk about Mike watch-your-ears Tyson and his apparent funding of Bitcoin ATMs, the Ethereum launch, how to fix the world's broken voting systems, and lot's of other great topics, check the notes below.

Your hosts were Warwick Greville and Peter Robertson. This week's guests were Paul Ayling and Martin Davidson.

Our post production engineer was Leo Treasure ably assisted by Warwick Greville.

Episode #6 – The State of Bitcoin

The past week saw a certain amount of navel-gazing from the bitcoin world with a survey of attitudes by finance professionals, the 'State of Bitcoin' report by CoinDesk, and yet another survey on our predictions for the price of bitcoin by the end of 2015, (you'd think we'd have learned something last year, but no, so have a go!). This and other good gossip on things crypto, including the excitement building around the imminent first release of Ethereum.

Your hosts were Warwick Greville and Peter Robertson. This week's guest was Pantelis Roussakis from Brave New Coin.

Our post production engineer was Leo Treasure.

Episode #5 – The Great Bitcoin Blocksize Debate

In this episode we discuss the furore that has erupted around the proposal to increase the blockchain size from its current limit of 1MByte to 10 or 20 MBytes. We also talk about JoyStream, an exciting project combining peer to peer with Bitcoin and the rather ominous prospect for the systematic removal of pseudonymity from bitcoin transactions, courtesy of Elliptic's new service offering; www.elliptic.co.

Your hosts were Dale Dickins, Warwick Greville and Peter Robertson. This week's guest was Tom Kearney from Coinbase.

Our post production engineer was Leo Treasure.

Episode #4 – Aussie banks embrace Ripple

This week's roundup includes news and views on major events in the crypto world, including major banks in Australia going into business with Ripple Labs, news of a new podcast covering Maidsafe, Kraken exchanges new 'Dark Pool' and a host of other topical subjects.

This episode featured Dale Dickens, Warwick Greville and Peter Robertson. Post production by Leo Treasure.

Episode #3 – Katherine Noall Payment Systems And Crypto

Dale Dickens and Peter Robertson chat with Katherine Noall about the impacts of crypto currencies and decentralisation in store for payment systems, government policy and our lives in general.

Episode #2 – TheWeekInBitcoinAlanTsen

MBTC Podcast BitSim by crypto gossip is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

Episode #1 – MBTC Podcast BitSim

MBTC Podcast BitSim by crypto gossip is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.


Melbourne's Bitcoin Technology Center is growing rapidly, the space is changing, walls are being painted, the event space is hosting a wide range of workshops and meetups... and people are asking if they can use the podcast room to start their own podcast.


Beginning May 2016 the studio will be available for anybody keen to get on the mic and chat about anything they're passionate for.

Peter's fitting out the studio, Dale's assisting people with curation, and the bookings are already starting to roll in.

Stay tuned :)