Aussie banks embrace Ripple

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Aussie banks embrace Ripple

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In this episode we share a little more about ourselves and Melbourne’s Bitcoin Technology Center.

Maidsafe – any questions speak to Peter.
Overstock and a decentralised stock market
OpenBazaar received funding
Taiwan 10,000 atms
crypto currency in games
and Ripple

Maidsafe reference

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Melbourne's Bitcoin Technology Center is growing rapidly, the space is changing, walls are being painted, the event space is hosting a wide range of workshops and meetups... and people are asking if they can use the podcast room to start their own podcast.


Beginning May 2016 the studio will be available for anybody keen to get on the mic and chat about anything they're passionate for.

Peter's fitting out the studio, Dale's assisting people with curation, and the bookings are already starting to roll in.

Stay tuned :)