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Why OneOnOne's??

Sometimes either Peter or Dale just want to interview people for the sake of finding out the goss, like with Michele Seven an American woman who has played a big part in bringing key people into the limelight.... and John Ferguson of the safe network. This section is for those random interviews.

Twitter's @BitcoinBelle aka Michele Seven, on liberty and the changes she's experienced in the crypto community.

This interview was recorded by Peter Robertson 17 December 2015.

** WARNING ** This program contains strong libertarian/anarchist views, including language that could offend, and adult themes, therefore listener discretion is recommended. The views expressed in this interview are not necessarily those of Peter's, he just goaded the situation :)

Peter chats with John Ferguson, the Simpleton of Safe

This (our first one-on-one) interview was recorded by Peter Robertson with John Ferguson, the Simpleton of Safe -  - on 1 November 2015. Apologies to our listeners, and particularly to John Ferguson, for taking so long to get this piece live, we hope you enjoy it.

John is very active in the Safe Network and has done a great deal of work in spreading the word and educating us all in how this vital project will deliver its world-changing benefits. Go to John's site,  and subscribe to his podcast. Also make sure you visit the maidsafe community and company, and this link at maidsafe respectively.