The Great Bitcoin Blockchain Blocksize debate

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The Great Bitcoin Blockchain Blocksize debate

Tom Kearney from Coinbase joined us for this episode, he was working in Australia for 4 months and has since left. None of us are really technically minded as far as the actual tech of Bitcoin is concerned, this is our attempt at discussing a subject that really had to be addressed.

After NewYork’s attempt at BitLicencing businesses, key Bitcoin ambassadors met with the Canadian Senate and they announced exciting news about crypto currency in Canada. Banks are starting to get involved, one of them announced they’d be accepting bitcoin for charities, media sites are also seeing the potential of micro payments, this week Joystream was introduced as a network to accept payments for media clips.


Melbourne's Bitcoin Technology Center is growing rapidly, the space is changing, walls are being painted, the event space is hosting a wide range of workshops and meetups... and people are asking if they can use the podcast room to start their own podcast.


Beginning May 2016 the studio will be available for anybody keen to get on the mic and chat about anything they're passionate for.

Peter's fitting out the studio, Dale's assisting people with curation, and the bookings are already starting to roll in.

Stay tuned :)