WeChat with Katherine Noall

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WeChat with Katherine Noall

Katherine is currrently doing a phD at RMIT on international payment systems. She discovered (“became obsessed with”) Bitcoin when she was working on a startup and needed to find a payment network. We talk about changes in technology, from centralised to decentralised systems and how Katherine helped companies implement those changes. Keeping skills up to date is one of the biggest challenges, she recommends people keep learning… especially in areas they’re passionate about.

RMIT introduced Bitcoin as part of their merging technologies course, students picked it up quickly without any background in crypto. One of the most challenging aspects for students was comprehending how a decentralised system works, they came up with some great ideas though. Imagine Melbourne running Myki from the blockchain… OH PLEASE.

We also talk a little about blockchain technology in government, and how the change is going to be implemented… we decided from the ground up. It’s not about reform, it’s about understanding how things are different.

We weren’t quite sure what to call ourselves at this stage, WeChat was one we tried out, and quickly dropped.

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Chris Seatory, BitSim’s lead developer joined us for the first episode to discuss the technology he’s been working on for a smartphone wallet on a simcard. Although this conversation gets quite technical, in reality it’s quite simple… a paperthin sim that sits on top of normal cards.



Melbourne's Bitcoin Technology Center is growing rapidly, the space is changing, walls are being painted, the event space is hosting a wide range of workshops and meetups... and people are asking if they can use the podcast room to start their own podcast.


Beginning May 2016 the studio will be available for anybody keen to get on the mic and chat about anything they're passionate for.

Peter's fitting out the studio, Dale's assisting people with curation, and the bookings are already starting to roll in.

Stay tuned :)